Grown and packed in the Upper Midwest heartland of America by cooperative farmers, our fantastic beans and legumes are fully cooked and ready to serve. You can heat them, you can chill them or include in your favorite salad. They’re delicious, firm, high in fiber and packed with nourishing vitamins and minerals. No sugar added.

Pinto Beans

Kidney Beans

Garbanzo Beans

Black Beans


Our canned vegetables are all natural and fresh tasting, with no sugar added. Just like eating fresh vegetables from a can. Packed with nutrition to conveniently and easily complement any recipe or salad that calls for fresh vegetables.

Sweet Peas

Green Beans

Golden Corn

Baby Food

Our baby food comes in scrumptious fruit combinations for nutritiously feeding your baby 2nd stage foods. Our 2nd stage baby food is all natural, no chemicals added, no sugar added in a variety of delicious flavors your baby will love.

Apple Mango


Apple Berry Blend

Apple Pear Banana




Mixed Vegetables 


Our fruits are nutritious and tasty packed in their own juices with no sugar added.

Pear Halves

Peach Halves

Fruit Cocktail